About Us

Welcome To Loveproton

We aim to be the best and most trusted place for news. Made by people who dare to challenge. Made for people who want clarity in an uncertain world. We take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world. We report on a broad range of stories around the world, putting people are the centre of our storytelling. We understand which needs aren’t being adequately addressed, and then develop programs that are carefully designed to meet those needs. We expect our journalists to be accurate at all times, but they are only human, and sometimes mistakes are made. That is why we have an established process for dealing with factual errors quickly and appropriately. Our journalists find, verify and develop news stories - and we expect them to be accurate. To achieve this they should always seek to corroborate claims and cross-check facts. We abide by the common rule that all facts should be confirmed by two reliable sources. When we can only obtain a single source, we ensure it is attributed.

Business Ethics

We believe that our reputation as a news organisation is our most valuable asset, so it is vital that our journalism is always of the highest quality. We know that social media plays an increasingly important role in our daily working lives and it is important that we apply the same standards to all of our content on whichever platform we share it.

Our Commitment

Love Proton is committed to representing every one of the millions of users that consume our content every day, whatever their colour or creed.